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Why Anderson

Anderson has proven International experience in creating learning programmes for private, public and government organisations. Our instructors are experienced practitioners in their industries, who are up-to-date with the latest trends in their respective fields of expertise/disciplines.

We are leaders in HR, Organisational and People Development solutions.

With our unrivalled pool of knowledge and expertise, utilising the combined power of over 500 Consultants and Trainers across the world we can help you develop your greatest asset – your people.

We have over 10 years of working across public and private sectors, internationally, helping our clients design optimum strategies for growth to mobilise human resources, deliver complex development courses and aid business transformations.

Anderson is a company dedicated to enhancing the organisational effectiveness of our clients through human resource processes which are based on our Pillars of Performance, or the ‘Anderson Way’:

  • To deliver Performance Solutions that engage people within an organisation to strive for increased productivity
  • To provide solutions that integrate established HR processes and broadens potential
  • To ensure outstanding quality assurance and customer service

Our Mission

Anderson’s mission is to promote and support employee and organisational growth, development and empowerment through the provision of innovative, high quality workplace learning courses, resources and services.

What We Do

From our 20 international locations, we offer a full complement of training programmes to provide you with skills and tools required to meet the unique demands of today’s fast business environment.

Anderson provide leading global solutions enabling transformational growth and sustainability for your people development needs.

We are experts in providing exceptional knowledge transfer solutions, as well as working with organisations to provide innovate human capital strategies.

Utilising leading academic and industry experts we design, develop and deliver development programmes, both open and in house, incorporating the latest cutting edge ideas, techniques and technology.

In addition, we provide a unique and varied range of HR Consultancy services to ensure your organisational development strategies are achieved. These may include transformational Talent Development.

We transform your HR and Development problems – into powerful, workable solutions.


Our Services

HR and People Development programmes

  • HR, Training and L&D
  • Leadership/Management
  • Talent Development
  • Administration Development
  • Line Management Development
  • Finance Development
  • IT Development
  • Public/ Open Development programmes
  • In house Courses
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
HR Consultancy

  • HR / L&D / Talent
  • HR Strategy & Policy
  • Human Resource Capital Solutions
  • Talent Development Management and Systems
  • Knowledge Management solutions
  • Competency Framework development
  • Behavioural Framework development
  • Profile Assessment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Mentoring Skills
  • Quality Improvement Process
  • Business Process Re-engineering

How We Work

We provide learning and skills development on a range of themes through high quality and engaging face to face and tailor made training.

We use innovative, creative and leading-edge methods to develop your human resource capital.

We understand that how human capital is to be developed and managed is one of the most important determinants of economic and organizational performance, for now and the future.

Our team of leading professional experts will conduct a thorough needs assessment to help determine the best approach to developing your solution. Depending on a company’s or individual’s needs, we’ll tailor currently offered courses or create a completely customised course that specifically targets your learning objectives.

Our primary methods include:

  • Open/public training and development programmes
  • In house development and consultancy services. Our In-house services are further broken down into two streams: Anderson Synergy and Anderson Gold.

We use multiple styles of educational and consultancy methods to develop people, tailoring courses and HR solutions to client’s needs, learning styles and objectives

Explore our Full Portfolio of Training Courses

Our portfolio of more than 200 training courses are currently designed to address the current training needs of our
clients incorporating latest trends and internationally accepted best practices, in each distinct subject area.

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