Anderson programmes in Copenhagen, Denmark feature training courses in Mini MBA on Management and Leadership and focuses at supplying professionals at all levels with the most up-to-date techniques and skills to effectively contribute to both long term and short term organizational objectives. Delivered by world-class leading experts in their respective fields, our training courses will provide you with expert knowledge, skills and the confidence to take your development to the highest level. 

Copenhagen, the capital and most populous city of Denmark, is famous for its harbour, cultural attractions and award-winning restaurants. Join us at Copenhagen, where each minute is delight to the senses while obtaining essential knowledge to your growth. Our training courses are delivered in some of the most prestigious venues in the city, specifically hand-picked to provide the optimum learning environment, ensuring your maximum development experience.

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Currently there are no training courses scheduled in Copenhagen - Denmark. If you are interested, please contact our Training Department at [email protected].

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